Construction Cleaning

Leave The Final Touches To Us

We offer exceptional construction and industrial cleaning services in Sydney. Hence, we have competitive rates, starting from $45/h. We can do home renovation cleaning, post construction cleaning, building works cleaning, factory and warehouse cleaning. 24/7 Customer service and our booking system can help you find the best quote.

1Clean Construction Cleaning

1Clean Covers all your needs to make your home sparkles again!

Developers, Builders and Contractors Count On The 1Clean Difference For Quality and Reliable Construction Cleaning Services After the dust settles, you can trust the 1Clean to bring out the brilliance and shine in your building project. Let us transform your construction site into a clean and beautiful office, workplace or residence with our professional post-construction preoccupation cleaning service.

1Clean has worked on many construction site clean up contracts for years, and from new construction to Renovation Projects, Office Towers to Commercial Strata Complexes and Residential Cleaning, no Construction Cleaning service job is too large or too small for us.

We know that you want to get occupants into your premises as soon as possible once your construction is completed. We also know all about the dirt and debris that is left behind, and are fully-equipped to meet and exceed the high standard clean up services required on your construction site.

Industrial Cleaning

1Clean offers an extensive range of solution oriented industrial cleaning services across Sydney suburbs in Australia. We handle every aspect of industrial cleaning and including plants and equipment. Whether it be a routinely scheduled cleaning or large projects of deep cleaning, we restore your work environment to high levels of cleanliness and offer the highest quality of industrial cleaning services.

Technically Advanced. Safer. Cost Effective. The need to clean your industrial equipment can be disruptive to your business and any interruptions or delays can severely affect your bottom line

Post Construction

Our clients appreciate our 5 star cleaning results. With a single call we?ll take on full responsibility for all aspects of post-construction cleaning down to the finest of details.

Vacuum Loading

Our vacuum loading techniques include great displacement and liquid ring vacuum pumps; which are designed for efficient and safe removal of dusts, solids and liquids from confined spaces and pits.


As with post-construction cleaning, we?ll leave your renovated home dust and odour free, and sparkling clean. And our post-remodel cleaning extends to your entire home.

Our Post-Construction Cleaning Includes:

 Deep dust, dirt, rubble removal

 High pressure cleaning

 Dusting and polishing floors

 Cleaning walls and surfaces

 Floor moping

 Carpets Cleaning

 Windows cleaning

 Paint, cement, splashes removal

Industrial Cleaning

We can provide industrial cleaning of any type across Sydney. We have professional cleaners, skilled for specific type of cleaning. Whether you require floor cleaning or factory cleaning professionals, we are here to assist.

What We Offer

Warehouse Cleaning

Factory Cleaning

Machinery Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

Hard Industrial Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

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